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Current version: 3.1.1
See the changelog here

Version 3.1.1 (19/01/2013)
- Added navigation panel to the large appwidget (previous, next, random)
- Added Quote Preview customization options to the Settings sections
- Added option to send quote from Quote Preview to the app widget
- More bug fixes and tweaks

Version 3.0 (13/01/2013)
- This is a major release (version 3.0)
- It has major UI and performance improvements
- Improved search functionality
- Added landscape support
- Added 300 quotes and 27 new authors

Version 2.3 (06/11/2011)
- Widget bug preventing from displaying QOD with author image,
- Disappearing background.
- Other minor changes
- New quotes and authors,
- Use the 'New Quotes' section to see new quotes added in the current version
- Browse daily, weekly and all times World's Favourite quotes

Version 2.0 (12/09/2011)
- Large number of improvements and new features added to the app.

Version 1.3 (20/06/2011)
- Some updates to quotes
- 350+ new quotes,
- 35+ new authors

Version 1.2 (17/02/2011)
- widget crashing,
- crashing on start-up (if you still get an error on start-up please let me know)

- Customizable author list,
- Favourite Mode (cycle through your favourites),
- FAQ section
- Fixed error when tapping on widget(now right quote is displayed)
- Import favourites from FREE version,
- Swiping support (use your finger to change quotes)
- Duplicated quotes removed.

Version 1.0 (29/01/2011)
First published.

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